02.23.11, Wednesday - 8:20pm

I have updated my resume and portofolio to include content from my last 3 titles: X-men Origins- Wolveirne, Singularity, and Call of Duty: Black ops. Thanks for stopping by!

07.31.07, Tuesday - 9:06pm

Gah! It has been 3 years sinec I updated my site. Currently employed at Raven Software in lovely Wisconsin. Joy!

09.03.04, Thursday - 10:40pm

Updated my portfolio with some more recent work. Still working at Pandemic Studios and loving it.

11.2.03, Sunday - 9:30pm

Updated my resume, reflects my new employment with Pandemic Studios.

01.21.03, Monday - 10:35am

Site works, links point to proper pages. Portfolio section empty. Blah.


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